The minor program in Africana Studies is administered by the Africana Studies Institute.

Africana Studies Minor Plan of Study 2018

Course Information

Course Descriptions

Taking as its central mission the study of peoples of African descent on the continent and in the diaspora, the Africana Studies minor seeks a nuanced and interdisciplinary understanding of the human experience. The Africana Studies minor does so through the humanities, arts, and social sciences, with particular emphasis on continuities and discontinuities across geography and time. Its broad educational objectives are to engender among all students an intellectual appreciation of black lives and their saliency for all human experience; to deepen students’ critical analytic skills; and to value social equality, democracy, and humanitarianism. The Africana Studies minor strives to provide students with substantive knowledge of the black world and its linkages to national as well as pre-, sub-, supra-, and transnational processes. Students play an active role in Africana Studies Institute’s mission to facilitate respect and positive intersocial relationships within the university community.

The requirements include 15 credit hours selected from the following:

  1. AFRA 2211
  2. One course each from groups A, B, and C
  3. One additional course from any of groups A, B, or C; or AFRA 3295; or 3898

Group A: History

Group B: Social and Political Inquiry

Group C: Literature and the Arts


The minor is administered by the Africana Studies Institute. For information, contact Dr. Melina Pappademos (melina.pappademos@uconn.edu) and Dr. Fiona Vernal (fiona.vernal@uconn.edu)