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Critical Issues : Past Speakers

Black and French? Thoughts on Caste, Class and Belonging in Phantom ParisJanet Carol Hart. (February 24, 2004).

Nationalism, Feminism, and Humanism: Competing Choices in Toni Morrison’s Paradise,Carolyn Denard, Associate Professor,20th Century American Literature, African-American Literature, and CulturalStudies, (April 3, 2003).

The Debt: What America Owes Blacks? Randal Robinson (November 6, 2001).

Reparations for African Americans: Obvious and NecessaryJoseph Feagin (November 6, 2001).

Living in the Wind, a reading of Michael Bradford’s playDirected by Carlton Molette (October 15, 2001).

Who’s Qualified? Lani Guinier (October 4, 2001).

The Economic Effects of the Atlantic Slave TradeJoseph Inikori (September 27, 2001).

Images of Blacks in the MediaNoel Cazenave, Vivian Martin, Thirman Milner, Robin Barnes, Clayvon Harris, Ann-Marie Adams, Jerry Dunklee, and Robert Stephens (September 17, 2001).

Africanism in AmericaRaul Ayala Carrasquillo, Dr. Marta Moreno Vega, Filipe Garcia Villamil (February 22, 2001).

Symposium Celebrating the Acquisition of Sam and Ann Charters Blues Music ArchivesPhilip E. Austin, Samuel Charters, Horace Boyer, Voices of Freedom Gospel Choir, Anthony Seeger, Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar (October 20, 2000).

When History Sleeps: On the Poetics of Black Social MovementsRobin Kelly, Professor of History and African Studies at New York University (February 24, 2000)

Problems and America’s Racial DivideWilliam Julius Wilson, Harvard University Sociologist (February 5, 1998).

Class and Social Isolation in the Inner CityWilliam Julius Wilson, University of Chicago Sociologist (February 20, 1990).

“Race,” and Ideologies and Practices based on “Race,” are Modern Constructs, Cornell West, Professor of Religion and Afro-American Studies, Harvard University (February 26, 1996).

America’s PromisesMyrlie Evers-Williams, Chairperson, NAACP. “The more we know about each other — our hopes, dreams, and values — the more likely we will have a diverse society.”

African Americans in the Prison IndustryAngela Davis, Professor of History of Consciousness, University of California (October 16, 1997).

Civil Rights Then and NowJulian Bond, Civil Rights Activist and Narrator of the acclaimed “Eyes on the Prize” documentary (April 20, 1990).